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Are Thread Counts Important in Deciding Bed Sheets?

If you’ve just moved out on your own or have decided to take on the role in finding high-quality bed sheets, you may have come across the word “thread count,” and perhaps are asking yourself, what are thread counts and what do they mean? Are thread counts important in deciding bed sheets?

What is a thread count?

Thread count literally refers to the count, or number, of threads in a square inch of fabric. Meaning, the more threads woven together the higher a thread count. Higher thread counts could be a sign of smoother fine yarn than thicker, coarser strands. There isn’t a one size fits all answer.


There is more to the story than just thread counts. The type of fabric used to make the sheets is important. Are you looking for the feel and durability?

Cotton is a popular choice of fabric due to it being breathable, absorbent, and soft. For example, a cotton 400 thread count sheet will feel cozier than a 400 thread count polyester sheet. If you're looking for a luxurious feel, natural fibers like linen and silk are soft, durable, and cool.


If you aren’t familiar with the correlation of weaves and bed sheets, let’s just say crafters and fabric experts describe it as two yarns interlaced to cross each other that is distinct from other types of textile production, such as knitting, crocheting, or braiding.

Then where does thread count fit in with weaving?

The simplest way to describe how they fit hand in hand, is by measuring how tightly woven a fabric is. Tightly woven materials means more threads are used, and less threads is less tightly woven. Less dense fabrics used overall are created by fewer threads — which is why some lower thread count styles of sheets are more breathable than higher thread count styles.

Weaving Textures

Whichever material is used, there are two main weave styles incorporated in bed sheets: plain and satin. Plain weaving tends to be stiff and rough in texture and satin is softer with a luxurious feel.

Not all fabrics used to make sheets are woven fabrics, hence why you won’t see a number of sheet styles that won’t have a thread count.

Thread count is an important thing to consider when buying sheets, but not the only thing. Look at the materials used, the weave style, and keep your eyes peeled for high-quality affordable sheets.

Bottom Line: What are the best bed sheets to buy?
Our bed sheets are available in 400 and 1000 TC, so you can find the best option for you depending on your budget and personality. We’ll make this one easy for you. Here are some of the best CGK bed sheet favorites from our team.

Cotton 400 Thread Count 2 Pillowcase Set
These 400 Thread Count Pillowcases are woven with the finest long staple cotton yarns. It’s so important that your pillow covers are soft and comfortable; that’s why we use a high-quality sateen weave to provide that true cotton feel that people have enjoyed for years.

Set of two luxurious, hotel-quality, 100% Cotton Pillowcases. We take pride in offering the softest King Pillowcase Set at an affordable price for our customers; durable, fade-resistant, and long-lasting for many years of happy sleeping.

Cotton 400 Thread Count Standard Single Fitted Sheet
This single fitted sheet is perfectly sized for most mattresses. It fits any mattresses with pockets that are 12 Inches Deep to 14 Inches Deep. Designed with a stretchable elastic all the way around, you can rest assured that this fitted sheet will stay on tight & stay in place!

This 400 Thread Count Fitted Sheet is woven with the finest long staple cotton yarns. The high-quality sateen weave provides the true cotton feel that people have enjoyed for years.

Cotton 400 Thread Count 4 Piece Sheet Set
Our 4PC sheets include 400 Thread Count bed set, deep pocket fitted sheet & Two Pillow Cases. Made in India, with its rich history of high quality textiles, our bed sets are resistant to tearing, shrinking, staining & pilling!

Give yourself the gift of 5-star luxury without the 5-star price tag. At CGK Linens, we’re dedicated to providing you with premium, hotel quality, ultra soft bed sheet sets at prices that leave you sleeping sweetly!

Cotton 1000 Thread Count 4 Piece Sheet Set
This 1000 thread count Cotton Sheet Set comes with 4 pieces: One Flat Sheet, one Fitted Sheet, and two pillowcases with a fine embroidery lining. The Fitted Sheet fits mattresses up to 16 inches deep and fits smaller mattresses just fine.

These Sateen Weave Cotton Sheets have a silky smooth feel, and a comfortable weight that hugs your body. Cool, comfortable and very soft, all while maintaining a bit of crispness, these CGK Linens are well loved by our customers. If you’re a hot sleeper and need cooling bed sheets, then our moisture wicking, all natural cotton sheets will be great for you!