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How to EASILY Fold a Fitted Sheet

As a premium sheets company, we get a lot of questions about how to care for sheets, how to protect your sheets so that they last, and other similar questions.


But do you know the #1 question that exists in the world of bedding?


It’s “how to fold a fitted sheet”!


That’s right! There is something about the fitted sheet that just seems impossible to get right. Yet folding your fitted sheets properly won’t just make your linen closet look nice, it also helps keep your sheets from wrinkling, keeping them in good condition much longer.


The trick is in the corners. Yes! Fitted sheets actually do have corners! The below technique is one borrowed from our favorite homemaker, Martha Stewart.

Try out the below technique. It may, at first, feel like giant origami, but practice makes perfect and after a few tries, you’ll be a pro in no time!


How to Fold a Fitted Sheet - Step by Step


1. Grab the sheet by two corners of the shorter side with the sheet inside out. Place a hand in each of these corners and allow it to hang from your hands.


2. Close your right hand onto your left and fold the sheet corner from your right hand over the sheet corner in your left hand. This will make it so that the corner on the top is no longer inside out. 


3. Now, with your right hand free, follow the right side of the sheet down to the corner adjacent to the one that was previously in your right hand. It will be the corner that is hanging down in the front. Pull it up and fold it over the two corners in your left hand. This third corner will be inside out. 


4. Pull up the final corner and fold it over the other three so that it is facing right side out.


5. Place the sheet now on a flat surface and straighten out the lines so it is smooth.


6. Tuck the elastic edges in so that they are not showing.


7. Now fold the sheet into a rectangular shape.


8. Continue to fold until your sheet rectangle is the correct size for your linen closet.


Voila! You’ve done it! 


Now, for a simple hack, one of the easiest ways to keep your fitted sheets looking great is to simply take your freshly cleaned and dried sheets straight from the dryer right onto your bed. This will keep them crisp and well cared for without need of fumbling through the folding.


But many of us have multiple sheets for our bed and so this skill of folding a fitted sheet becomes a vital necessity and the above technique will serve you well. 



To see this in live action, we turn to a favorite person of ours… We don’t know about you, but whenever we have a question about home care and maintenance (and, let’s admit it, everything!), we go to Martha.


Martha Stewart not only has a step-by-step guide to the best way to fold your fitted sheets, but she also has a fun video to show what it looks like in action, along with a secret hack to never having to suffer through folding fitted sheets again!


Martha knows her stuff and this is no exception. Learn from the best on how to properly fold a fitted sheet. Even if it’s a little thing, it is something you can be proud of.


We wanted to share this because there’s something about freshly, neatly and properly folded laundry that we just love.


Now go ahead and give it a go! Then send us your best fitted sheet brag photos & videos! We can’t wait to see how you master this common household challenge!