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How to Keep Bed Sheets from Bunching Up

Bed sheets are an essential part of our sleep routine, but they can be an inconvenience when they bunch up. This can make it difficult to get comfortable and can even lead to those sleep disruptions. Who wants to get up in the middle of a good night’s rest just to put back on your sheets? There are a few simple things you can do to prevent your bed sheets from bunching up.

Use the right size sheets
Make sure your sheets are the right size for your mattress. Oversized sheets are more likely to bunch up. You can prevent your bed sheets from bunching up by doing a few simple things like:

Trying sheet straps or a fitted sheet. Unlike other flat sheets, fitted sheets have an elastic band that goes around. Try out our Standard Single Fitted Sheet. Unlike other sheets, it has extra elastics to ensure that it wraps all the way around your mattress all night, every night to stay put.

Use a bedskirt. If you think bed skirts are out of style, you may want to think again if you find yourself or someone you know who tosses or turns excessively. A bed skirt frame can keep the box from preventing them from bunching up. CGK Linens Elastic Wrap Around Bed Skirts are designed to stop your struggle from lifting up your entire mattress just to change your sheets.

Tuck your sheets tightly. The most common tip is to tuck them tightly to prevent them from bunching up. Yet, there is a downside as the flat corns can continue to slip, unlike fitted sheets because the elastic corners help to grip the mattress and keep the sheet in place.

Clean Your Sheets Regularly
Washing your sheets regularly can help prevent them from bunching up. Dirty sheets are more likely to bunch up than clean sheets.

Wash your sheets on a cold cycle. Hot water can weaken the fibers in your sheets, causing them to bunch up more likely.

Use a dryer sheet. Dryer sheets help to reduce static cling, which can also cause sheets to bunch up. If you overfill the dryer it can cause sheets to bunch up. You can also try lowering the temperature of your dryer to prevent wrinkles.

Air dry your sheets as possible. Air drying your sheets is the best way to prevent them from bunching up and from shrinking. Air drying sheets help to keep them soft and wrinkle-free.

If you are tired of your bed sheets bunching up, consider getting a new set. We recommend our best seller, the classic 4 Piece Deep Pocket Sheet Set.

These are the softest type of microfiber bed sheets we have created. Super soft with a light feel. Not crisp like cotton. If you're accustomed to cotton sheets and you've never tried microfiber sheets we recommend you at least give these a try.

They're even softer than Cotton! You may be surprised at how much of a difference it makes. By following these simple tips, you can keep your bed sheets from bunching up and enjoy a more comfortable night's sleep.