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Bamboo Sheet Set

Size Chart
  • 100% BAMBOO SHEETS - Crafted from 100% pure bamboo, these all-natural luxury sheets provide a much longer life span than the bamboo blend sheets, microfiber, or cotton sheets. 100 percent Bamboo sheets have a history of retaining their softness for years of cozy comfort. 

  • SUPER COOLING BAMBOO SHEETS - Bamboo sheets will keep you comfortable and cool all night long. Bamboo sheets are great if you’re a hot sleeper, suffer from night sweats, or have hot flashes because of their breathability. 

  • DEEP POCKET SHEETS - Many mattresses are quite deep these days and those mattresses require sheets with deep pockets to match. Bamboo sheets are a perfect complement for these mattresses due to the fabric’s flexibility. Our bamboo sheets fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep and still fit great on mattresses less than 16 inches.

  • SUPER SOFT & LIGHTWEIGHT - These luxury bamboo bed sheets are light, breathable, and silky soft. Soft and cooling bamboo sheets provide a luxurious night’s sleep. Instead of being a bamboo blend with heavy fabrics such as cotton, microfiber, or even worse polyester these soft bamboo sheets are made from high-quality 100% natural bamboo fibers.

  • MOISTURE WICKING SHEETS - Bamboo sheets are great moisture-wicking sheets because bamboo fabrics are hygroscopic, meaning they absorb moisture and move it away from your body. This quality lends to the comfort and breathability of bamboo sheets. The moisture-wicking properties of these soft bamboo sheets deliver a dry, fresh, and friendly night’s sleep. Bamboo sheets are a great choice for anyone with allergies, hot flashes, or sensitive skin. Bamboo sheets are key to a luxurious night’s sleep.