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Bedding Guide for Pet Owners

It's no surprise that pet owners often welcome their animals into spaces inside the home, including their bedroom. Nearly half of pet owners sleep with them according to a study conducted by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

While there have been debates advising against co-sleeping with pets, emerging research suggests that the practice may have positive effects on physical and emotional health.

One of the biggest problems pet owners face is keeping their bed sheets clean. Pets quickly accumulate and shed hair, track in dirt, and can even hinder your ability to rest. Here are a few tips for pet owners on how to keep their bed sheets clean and free of pet hair.

Keeping your Bed Sheets Pet Hair-Free
Choose the right fabric. The best bed sheet fabrics are those that are tightly woven, low in static, and durable. Silky smooth and incredibly soft, the Cotton 4 Piece Sheet Set is the best choice!

Our fabrics are super soft made from 100% combed cotton that have longer fibers meaning they’re stronger, softer, and last longer. No need to worry about rough chemicals as our cotton sheet sets are environmentally-friendly premium dyed.

Other materials that are beneficial include linen and microfiber! Enhanced breathability and wrinkle-free, the virtually weightless wonder of CGK’s 4 Piece Sheet Sets are made of the highest quality double brushed microfiber yarns.

Wash your sheets regularly. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down your sheets in your bed after your pet has gotten off the bed. This helps remove any loose hair that may have fallen on the sheets.

Cover your bed with a mattress protector. To help with keeping your bed in shape and properly care for your bedding investment, a great tip is add a layer on top to act as a protective, especially for pet hair once you’ve re-made your bed.

Alternatives to Sharing your Bed with Pets
Even if you do everything you can to prevent getting pet-hair on the bed, there may be instances when you should consider letting your pets sleep on their own.

Allergies or Illness. If you have severe allergies it's best not to sleep with your pets. If you would like to still experience many of the benefits associated with sleeping near each other, consider looking at alternative options like pet beds.

If you're a light sleeper. Dogs tend to move around and snore when they sleep. If you’re a light sleeper you may consider letting your pet sleep in their own bed.

New Pets. It's exciting when you’ve just become a pet owner but they may need to adjust before being ready to sleep in your bed. If they show interest in sleeping with you (and are well-behaved), you can always let them on the bed later down the road.

Sleeping with pets can improve your health in various ways from increasing feelings of comfort to reducing anxiety and stress. Having a pet companion can be good for you and at the end of the day, evaluating your own sleeping habits, bedding, and preferences can help decide what’s best for you.