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Master the Art of Packing Bedding for a Seamless Moving Experience

Moving can be a stressful situation for everyone and bedding can be one of the most challenging items to move. The size and weight of the bedding can be bulky and heavy, so it's important to make sure you have enough space to pack it all.

This can lead to wasted space, or worse, overpacking boxes, which can make them difficult to lift and move. To master the art of packing bedding for your next move, we’ve compiled a list of tips.

Tips to Move Your Bedding

  • Roll up your bedding. This will help to save space and make it easier to pack.
  • Use compression bags. Compression bags can help to reduce the size of your bedding even further to make room for extra things
  • Label your bedding. This will help you to find your bedding quickly when you arrive. No one wants to sleep on the cold floor when you’ve finally got a new place!
  • Pack your bedding last. This will help to prevent your other belongings from getting dirty.
  • If you're moving long-distance, be sure to pack your bedding and pillows in a climate-controlled container to prevent them from getting damaged by extreme temperatures.

Best Bedding to Buy

When making the decision to move, you may have found in the middle of packing the possibility of old bedding being outdated, or worst case scenario no longer usable. Nothing like a new place and new bed sheets can be more liberating and feel refreshing.

Bedding can be expensive, so it's important to budget for it when you're packing. At CGK Linens, we want to help people have a luxurious bedding experience at reasonable prices. There are many companies out there charging outrageous prices. We want to offer great quality but at a reasonable price (if you aren’t subscribed to our newsletter, you're missing out on great deals!).

Our bedding is made from high-quality materials that will last. Bedding should be stylish and comfortable. We offer a variety of sizes and colors of bedding that matches your personal style and décor of your room. If you’re looking to replace your bedding or add some new additions, check out our following collections:

Standard Sheet Sets

Beds come in different sizes. This isn’t news to anyone, even though few of us may know what the sizes actually mean. When it comes down to standard sheet sets, we offer universal sizes that go around 16 inches deep. If your mattress is smaller than 16 inches our standard sheet sets will fit fine.

Deep Pocket Sheet Sets

If you’re thinking of buying a new mattress, those made today have deep pockets. Plus, if you're one who is disrupted by waking up in the middle of a good night’s rest just to put back on your sheets, well you need to get yourself a set of Deep Pocket Sheet Sets! Without these sheets it can make it difficult to get comfortable and can even lead to sleep disruptions.

Sheet Separates

Pillowcases, fitted, or flat sheets, we have them available separately, aside our sets. If you're looking to mix and match, add additions to your current bedding, or replace a specific sheet we have different preferences for each type of sheet you may be looking for.

Bedding Accessories

Looking to add some new features to hide that spring box to use for extra storage or an extra comfy breathable comforter for winter, we provide you a selection of bedding accessories to help your overall comfort of your bed.

Best Sellers 

CGK Linens has an extensive catalog of reputable best sellers, from our 4 Piece Deep Pocket Sheet Set to our 4 Pillowcase Set, we are proudly dedicated to providing you the best experience with free shipping on orders over $50+ and zero hassle returns.

With a little planning and preparation, you can pack your bedding and pillows safely and securely for your move, whether it's a short or long distance.

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