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5 Things to know about buying queen sized sheets

Admit it, beds are one of our dearest furniture at home. It’s a place for sleep and relaxation and it’s just highly fitting to make it as comfortable and luxurious as possible. At one point in a (young) adult’s life, the search for the best queen sized sheets begins. Here are 5 things to know about buying a 4 piece sheet setof queen-size sheets:


Queen sized (sheets) Quality over Queen sized (sheets)Quantity

When shopping for queen sized sheets on Amazon, the first few things you need to consider is to invest in linens that feel amazing and are in for the long haul. In short, don’t be attracted by queen sized sheets that have a “too good to be true” price tag.


When you shop with quality over quantity in mind, you won’t end up pulling out tattered sheets from the first wash. Being a wise and careful Amazon shopper will help you choose the best queen sized sheets on Amazon.


Be a Smart Shopper

Knowing the material of the queen sized sheet sets that you are eyeing will help manage your expectations. 100% cotton 4 piece sheet sets are a good choice because they are not only soft as a fabric, they are also soft on the pocket (if you know what we mean).


Meanwhile, extra-long staple (ELS) cotton, like Pima or Egyptian, are more premium and much softer and durable than any other fabrics. Be careful though, because some companies mislabel their queen sized sheets as Egyptian or Pima and sell it with an expensive price tag. To avoid encountering mislabeled sheets, only purchase from trusted and reliable Amazon accounts, like CGK Linen. That way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are getting high quality queen sized sheets.


Cotton/polyester blends are a decent, affordable choice. Aside from being budget-friendly, cotton/polyester queen sized sheets are more durable and less prone to wrinkling - perfect for people who like their bed to look neat even after rigorous tossing and turning.


Queen sized bed sheets don’t revolve around thread count

Yes, we get it - thread count plays a big role in the overall feel and texture of bed sheets. But, shoppers should get rid of the idea that thread count is the only gauge to know if a home collection 4 piece ultra soft sheet set is of good quality.


There are now manufacturing techniques that allow bed sheet makers to make high thread count products without actually increasing the quality. A sad but true reality. This is why it’s important to not just shop blindly on Amazon. Know the seller and read the reviews before you add to cart.


Size Matters

It’s not just about queen sized sheets or king sized sheets. Standard sizes are not the same because not all sheets account for mattress depth. If you have a tall mattress topper, make sure to get the measurements before buying.

Know the Weaves

You don’t need to know the weaves by heart, but if you want to be a knowledgeable bedsheet shopper, you need to have an idea of bed sheet weaves and how they affect the texture and durability of a 4 piece bed sheet set.


Plain weaves have an equal number of horizontal and vertical yarns woven together. They give the bedsheets a crisp and durable feel. Twill weaves have more vertical threads that give bedsheets that ultra soft feel. Damask and jacquard weaves have intricate patterns.


...and that’s it! You’re more than ready to set out and shop for that perfect queen sized sheet to light up your bedroom. Check out CGK Linens on Amazon to get started!