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What are extra deep pocket sheets?

There’s deep and then there’s extra deep. Bed mattresses today are thicker than those mattresses sold decades ago. Because they are thicker, it means that an ordinary 4 piece sheet set won’t fit it perfectly. And sometimes it won’t fit at all. Before shopping for a 4 piece sheet set, make sure that you measure your mattress first. If your mattress measures 14 inches and beyond, you need to buy extra deep pocket sheets. 

If your mattress isn’t 14 inches thick but you have a mattress topper, you may still need extra deep pocket sheets. 

Wide Variety of Mattress Heights

When planning to buy a 4 piece sheet set, you need to consider not only the master size, but the master height as well. 

Manufacturers of mattresses make different sizes and thickness to hit different price points and comfort levels. Similarly, if you’re looking for a home collection 4 piece ultra soft sheet set, you need to take into consideration the thickness of your mattress. 

Because, at the end of the day, even if you have the most luxurious (and expensive) 4 piece bed sheet set, it won’t do you any good if it won’t fit your thick mattress.

If you’re looking for extra deep pocket sheets that can be a wonderful addition to your home collection, CGK Linens got your back.

What is the size range of extra deep pocket sheets?

To get a better idea of the size difference between deep pocket sheets and extra deep pocket sheets, check this out:

Deep pocket sheets usually have a measurement of 13-17 inches while extra deep pocket sheets range between 18-25 inches.

Pro tip: When buying extra deep pocket sheets, make sure that you get an accurate measurement because you wouldn’t want to overdo the “deepness,” otherwise, the 4 piece sheet set won’t fit properly and you’ll end up tucking the excess material under the mattress.

What makes CGK Linens extra deep pocket sheets  so special?

First and foremost, every collection from CGK Linens are made of high quality materials, specially created and curated to suit a wide range of preferences. From classic to modern, plush to basic, plain to printed, CGK Linens offers a wide array of 4 piece bed sheet sets to choose from.

The extra deep pocket sheets of CGK Linens are specially designed for thick and plush mattresses. We understand that extra deep pocket sheets are not very common on Amazon, which also means that there are not that many providers of high-quality deep pocket sheets.

CGK Linens offers extra deep pocket 4 piece sheet sets to give your mattress that perfect #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day). Our specialized extra deep pocket sheet sets can fit mattresses between 18-24 inches deep.

Say goodbye to bad-fitting sheets with CGK Linens extra deep pocket sheets. Get that snug fit with sheets that won’t budge no matter how much you toss and turn at night. Don’t waste your time experimenting with sheets that claim to be extra deep pocket sheets but end up to be a very disappointing purchase.

Get your extra deep pocket sheets from CGK Linens and you’ll surely want to buy another set (or another, and another) because these are truly worth it!