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When we were kids, we didn’t care about what kind of bed sheets we were lying on. As long as it was soft, fluffy and had a lot of pillows, we’re good to go! Who would’ve thought that part of adulting is looking for the best 4 piece sheet set that goes perfectly well with your bedroom theme or interior? And now, chances are, you’re reading this article because you want to know what queen sheets deep pocket (or deep pocket queen sheets) really mean.  

Don’t worry, we won’t judge you! In fact, we truly understand that shopping for bedsheets - and by that we mean seriously shopping for it, down to the thread count, material, size, width, etc.- can be quite overwhelming. We’ll be happy to guide you in choosing the best 4 piece sheet set so you can cross out that “buy queen sheets deep pocket” off your to-do list. Thank us later!

Before anything else... 

How can I tell the difference between queen sheets deep pocket and (regular) queen sheets?

You may be familiar with the usual bed sheet sizing - single, double, queen, king, California king. But what’s with the deep pocket 4 piece bed sheet set?

 Have you ever bought a 4 piece bed sheet set that constantly slips off your mattress? You know, the kind where it fits nicely at first, but when you lay on the bed and do some tossing and turning, one (or two, or worse, all sides) just slip off the mattress? It’s super annoying, right? Especially when you’re supposed to be comfortably tucked in bed after a long day at work. Or being lazy. Or partying. Or whatever. 

This is where queen sheets deep pocket sets enter the picture. With queen sheets (with that deep pocket upgrade) set, you can rest easily knowing that the sheets won’t slip off the mattress no matter how much you toss and turn at night. They are deeper. That’s where you get the “deep” in deep pocket. Don’t ask us what the “pocket” is about.

 A wise 4 piece bed sheet shopper once said - “not all home collection 4 piece ultra soft sheet sets are made equal.” Seriously, many mattresses in the market today are thicker compared to the traditional mattresses manufactured decades ago.

 Plus, quilted pillow tops and mattress toppers also boost the height of the mattress which means that your old hand-me-downs or inherited bedsheets from your parents may not give a good fit to your mattress. 

 “It fits” vs “It fits perfectly” can make a big difference in your bed time activities. The queen sheets deep pocket collection of CGK Linens are made to fit bigger and thicker mattresses with a deeper pocket fitted sheet to intimately fit over your mattress perfectly.

 Where should I buy queen sheets deep pocket sets?

Amazon of course! Queen sheets deep pocket are not your ordinary 4 piece bed sheet set. These sheets are specifically designed to fit mattresses perfectly so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is whether you’ve brushed your teeth (or put on your night cream – dudes can wear night cream too) before dozing off to dreamland.

 CGK Linens carries the best queen sheets deep pocket in the world, so make sure you add this to your home collection of 4 piece ultra soft sheet sets on Amazon. Check out our queen sheets deep pocket collection on Amazon and you won’t regret it.