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What exactly are luxury bed sheets

There are high quality bedsheets, and then, there are luxury bed sheets. What exactly are "luxury"bed sheets?


Luxury bed sheets are not your typical, regular bed sheets. Think of them as the cream of the crop - the best fabric and material to give its users the ultimate retreat at the end of a long, tiring day.


Perhaps one of the most common examples of a 4 piece set luxury bed sheet is the type that is used in five-star hotels. You know, those thick and “fluffy” bed sheets that are soft enough to swallow you whole and feels like you’re in a warm and cozy cocoon when you’re under the sheets.


The good thing is, heavenly and luxurious 4 piece sheet sets are not just for high-end hotels. You can get your hands on luxury bed sheets on Amazon, without burning a hole in your pocket!


Why do hotel sheets feel so good?

At one time or another, you may have asked yourself that question. There’s no doubt about it, hotel sheets feel different from a home collection 4 piece ultra soft sheet set, therefore they are commonly pegged as luxury bed sheets.


Hotel sheets feel “rich” and beautifully crisp mainly because of the percale (finely woven) weave used to make them. With percale weaves, it doesn’t need to reach a high thread count to give off that luxury bed sheet feel. Percale with a low thread count - around 250 threads - will still give off that luxury bed sheet vibes.


Pro tip: You can add more oomph to your dream luxury bed at home by adding a down comforter with a cotton duvet. Using a nice, heavy down comforter with a breathable cotton duvet will be a great addition to your luxury bed sheets (given that you’re not allergic). For extra fluffiness, choose a duvet that’s a few inches longer on each side - you’ll feel like royalty in bed.


What 4 piece sheet sets do luxury hotels use?

Luxury bed sheets are a whole new breed of sheet sets. They are silk, yet crispy and just feels so good to the touch. And they should be, as most luxury bed sheets clock in around the 300-thread-count mark.


Most, if not all of the time, luxury bed sheets are made of cotton, specifically Egyptian cotton. This material is the most breathable and can help users stay cool.


Microfiber “luxury” bed sheets are more cost effective alternatives to cotton luxury bed sheets.


What is the most luxurious thread count for sheets?

Generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the softer the bed sheet. So, it is expected that luxury bed sheets have higher thread count, ranging anywhere from 300-800, or even going as high as 1,000.


Achieving the Luxury Bed SheetExperience At Home

Investing in quality sheets, or better yet, luxury bed sheets, are the key to getting a restful sleep. It’s quite impossible to feel comfortable when you’re wrapped up in rough or scratchy material or a fabric that makes you sweat (yuck!).


Who wouldn’t want to crawl into a luxuriously soft bed after a long day at work, or after a long tirade of online meetings? Turn your bed into a magnificently luxurious human nest with high quality, luxury bed sheets.


You can easily achieve that luxury bed sheet experience at home with a luxurious 4 piece bed sheet set from CGK Linens. Click here to get started!