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GSM in Bedding: Why You Should Care

GSM stands for grams per square meter, and it's a measurement of the density of a fabric. The higher the GSM, the denser the fabric. When it comes to bedding, GSM is an important factor to consider, as it can affect the feel, durability, and overall quality of your bed sheets.

Why GSM matters?

A higher GSM bed sheet will be more durable and long-lasting than a lower GSM bed sheet. This is because a denser fabric is less likely to tear or pill. It will also be more resistant to wrinkles and shrinkage.

In addition, a higher GSM bed sheet will feel more luxurious and comfortable. This is because a denser fabric is softer and more breathable. It will also help to regulate your body temperature throughout the night.

How to Choose the Right GSM for Your Bed Sheets

The ideal GSM for your bed sheets will depend on your personal preferences and budget. If you're looking for a durable and luxurious bed sheet, you'll want to choose a GSM of at least 200. However, if you're on a budget, you may want to choose a GSM of 150 or higher.

Here is a general guideline for choosing the right GSM for your bed sheets:

Budget: 150-200 GSM
Mid-range: 200-300 GSM
Luxury: 300 GSM or higher

Why We Should be Concerned When Choosing Bed Sheets

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards using lower GSM bed sheets in order to reduce costs. This has led to a decline in the quality of bed sheets on the market.

Lower GSM bed sheets are more likely to tear, pill, and wrinkle. They are also less breathable and less comfortable than higher GSM bed sheets.

In addition, lower GSM bed sheets may contain harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde and heavy metals. These chemicals can be absorbed into the skin and cause health problems.

How to Avoid Buying Low-Quality Bed Sheets

When choosing bed sheets, it's important to read the label carefully. Make sure that the bed sheets are made from a high-quality fabric, such as cotton, linen, or bamboo. You should also avoid bed sheets that contain harmful chemicals.

If you're not sure what to look for, it's a good idea to buy bed sheets from a reputable retailer. These retailers will typically sell bed sheets that are made from high-quality materials and that are free of harmful chemicals.

GSM is an important factor to consider when choosing bed sheets. A higher GSM bed sheet will be more durable, comfortable, and luxurious. It will also be less likely to contain harmful chemicals.

When choosing bed sheets, be sure to read the label carefully and choose bed sheets that are made from a high-quality fabric and that are free of harmful chemicals.

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