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The Best Dorm Bedding Room Essentials

Summer is coming to an end and a new chapter awaits for those moving into dorms. Moving into this next chapter of life can be exciting but also be stressful. 

To help you with organizing this move and calm your nerves a little, we’ve prepared an in-depth list of what you may be missing from your college checklist that will help your dorm, shared apartment, or house be your perfect sanctuary away from classes.

Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need

Sheet Sets

Perfect for those who need a college bedding bundle, our 4 Piece Sheet Set is the most popular with over 30 colors and range in various sizes to fit your bed requirements.

For our 6 Piece Sheet Set, the ideal pillow situation includes two sleeping pillowcases, one fitted sheer, one flat sheet for aesthetics. Add a cozy throw blanket on top so you don’t have to unmake your bed during the day–plus it’s a great dose of texture!

Buying sheet sets together, may be more beneficial than buying them separately. You’ll save yourself the hassle and time from getting the wrong sizes and ensure that you’ll get the correct sizes.

Pillow Cases

Like pillows, pillow cases should be replaced once a week. Bacteria and microbes cause acne, breakouts, allergies, and skin problems. If your thinking why do I need to keep extra pillowcases on hand, there are a couple of reasons; 

You don’t have to wait for your pillowcases to dry. Sleeping with a humid or without a pillowcase is not ideal. Bacteria and dust mites are only bound to attach to your entire bedding creating a bigger problem down the road.

In case of an accident. Suddenly spilled your tea or got sick? Having extra pillowcases on hand will allow you to change your pillowcases quickly and leave you with ease.

Sheet Separates

When it comes to bedding, there are two main types of sheets. Fitted and flat sheets. You may have heard them being used interchangeably or together but they each serve their own purposes.

Oftentimes, many believe that fitted and flat sheets are the same. A flat sheet is exactly what it's named as, a flat sheet that is rectangular. On the other hand, a fitted sheet is composed of rounded elastic corners made to fit your mattress.

If you’re looking to add extra pieces to your college bedding bundles, such as a flat or fitted sheet, try out our selection of sheet separates. Unlike other sheets, it has extra elastics to ensure that it wraps all the way around your mattress all night to stay put.


As semesters and seasons change, you may find yourself relocating to a different environment. To help you keep you warm and cozy we offer a Premium Down Alternative Comforter designed for breathability and comfort, for a warm, soothing embrace that’s never too heavy or hot.

You can never have too many sheets and bedding essentials while away for college. With limited time between classes, studying, and going out, choosing bedding that is easily washable and wrinkle-resistant is important. 

At CGK we offer all your college, dorm, or apartment bedding essentials from sheet sets, sheet separates, bedding accessories, deep pocket sheet sets, and more! Whether it’s your first time moving away from home or back to campus life, your bedroom environment plays a role in getting you a good night’s sleep.